This is a dark day for us all. #RIPStritch

I see that @kesharose has been googling herself today. 4 years after the fact, really? Worthwhile…

I see that @kesharose has been googling herself today. 4 years after the fact, really? Worthwhile…

The Cheeto Girls, serving tight tucks and loose moves since 2009. cc. @zachapearse @heidibrander @jordantimmons

With the Much Music cuts, does this mean Video On Trial is on the outs? I don't have cable currently, but I'm of the opinion it's one of the last few shows I do watch. (other than Murder She Wrote, Price Is Right, and Golden Girls.)

Well, it is in very good company with your other viewing tastes.

And yes, Video On Trial is officially dead and cremated. There won’t be a funeral. Please send a donation in lieu of flowers to my paypal account.

Me, after readying this: Death of Canada’s music-video-channel era? MuchMusic left with skeleton staff after job cuts, source says

I’d really recommend revisiting Sex & The City reruns on Friday afternoons.

I just re-watched the season 3 episode entitled “Frenemies”, the one in which Miranda’s stood up by a date who, as it turns out, died and she attends his wake with Carrie who, in turn, runs into an old flame played by Kevin from “Nurse Jackie”, who Miranda goes out with despite Carrie’s heeding that he’s an asshole, and in a pivotal scene Carrie underlines this to Miranda by saying, and I quote:

"He SO needs to be voted off the island"

… the point of this post is, I think we all need to be very careful about which pop cultural references we commit to our creative work moving forward.

Also of note in this episode: Samantha and Charlotte feud over Samantha’s insensitivity to Charlotte’s husband Trey’s impotency, and Samantha befriends a Designing Women named Claire Anne who gives a guy head under a table, which proves too much for Samantha and forces her to exclaim that Claire Anne can “forget Samba!” MEANWHILE, DOWNTOWN, Carrie teaches a class at the Learning Annex called “Bright Lights, Date City”, and you’ll never guess who was one of the desperate women in the crowd - Wanda from “Orange Is The New Black” is who! I have a feeling that there’s a lot of S&TC/OItNB overlap, and I look forward to exploring this further… 

Ambivalent to hear about this. Throughout the years I spent accumulating security passes at 299 Queen West, I worked with some marvellously talented people and suffered through some basic, basic bitches… I had some exhilarating, transformative experiences that I’ll be forever grateful for, and maintain a chronic sting in my rectum for how taken advantage I was… still, it categorically sucks to hear about anyone losing their jobs… I can certainly sympathize… Oh well, see y’all at the dumpster, gurrr!

Also, I got potentially disastrous medical news today, but between this and Gaga/Beyonce simultaneously occupying Toronto right now, I’m simply going to need a slower news day to share.

COULD NOT have favorited this fast enough.

COULD NOT have favorited this fast enough.


Me, running errands, today

Me, running errands, today